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Interested in completing a Return of Service in Hospitals or Primary Care?

If you have questions on how your OSAP funding may be impacted, or on what information you may need to provide to OSAP if you are approved for BEGIN support, you should contact the financial aid office at your postsecondary institution.

To get an idea of how tuition grants could inform OSAP funding, use the self-directed OSAP Aid Estimator tool here. We suggest completing the form without tuition grants listed and then completing a second form with your anticipated BEGIN tuition reimbursement amount for comparison.

For reference, eligible PSW-RPN students can receive up to $6,000 per year and eligible RPN-RN and PSW-RN students can receive up to $10,000 per year. Please verify on your university/college website the tuition fees for the upcoming year to determine the amount you may be eligible to receive in BEGIN grants.

Unlike loans, you do not need to pay back BEGIN tuition reimbursement grants, as long as you fulfill your Return of Service.