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Interested in completing a Return of Service in Hospitals or Primary Care?

BEGIN Testimonials

Hear from real nursing students how the BEGIN program helped them take the next step in their careers.


From tuition reimbursements, to job search support, to exam prep, the BEGIN program can help you in a multitude of ways.

Wraparound Support

Some applicants could qualify for wraparound support, which provides a little more financial help.

Return of Service

As part of the BEGIN program, students will gain practical and meaningful experience in Ontario’s Hospitals, Primary Care, Long-Term Care or Home and Community Care sectors.

Easy Application

You’re not alone in your BEGIN journey. Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way.

Advice for Students

And finally, some advice for those still unsure about applying.


We get a lot of great messages from our students on their experience with BEGIN.


“Thank you so much for your help. I can breathe! I can pay for next semester. Such a relief! So thankful for the BEGIN program.”


“I was selected to receive the wraparound support. This week, I was so overwhelmed because I needed money… and the WeRPN BEGIN program answered my prayers. Truly amazing. I am dancing with joy! Thank you so much.”


“I feel so blessed and well deserving/proud. Thank you for believing in me when it felt like nobody else did. This is the relief I needed to get to the end. With everything inside of me, my family and I thank you!”


“BEGIN is helping me with my tuition fees. I am enrolled in a full-time program so I’m not working as much as I was before so BEGIN is helping me cover my financial costs and providing me with the benefit of focusing on my studies.”


“Having these programs readily available to you allows you to keep dreaming without having to worry about how you’re going to pay your mortgage, how you’re going to pay your tuition, how you’re going to keep going. So, the BEGIN program really allows me to take a step back, knowing that my school’s covered, knowing that I don’t have to go into increased debt to do this. It allows me to keep dreaming.”


“I am a single mother, so my finances for home are for home. Not for schooling. Now being a part of BEGIN, I have had financial freedom. It’s been able to keep me going in nursing as a whole. So, it’s been a huge help.”


“If you guys are thinking of applying and continuing your RN education, I would say to do it now because you can get reimbursed for that. It does help during your education when you’re not thinking about the financial aspect of it. So, if you can, do it now.”

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